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It's a Really BIG Deal!

Becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a really BIG deal. You are now a part of the adult Jewish community. You may not get to drive or vote yet but you can help someone say kaddish by making a minyan, you can have an aliyah and you can repair the world.


So it's time to hone your mitzvah skills. Over the course of the next year, your mission is to participate in 13 mitzvot - one each month and one over the course of the whole year.

Mission Map

Mitzvah Map.png

Our Mitzvah Mission will take us all over Israel, making thirteen stops in different cities and parts of Israel. At each stop we'll learn a little something about that place and a mitzvah that is associated with it. 

Our journey begins when we land at Ben Gurion airport near Tel-Aviv (find the airplane on the map) and then traveling west to Yafo; north to Cesarea and Haifa; west to Tzfat, Kiryat Sh'mona, the Golan Heights, and Tiberias; south, down the Jordan River to Hevron and Be'er Sheva; back to the center of the country to Yavne; and finish up in Jerusalem.

The 13th mitzvah (T’filah - prayer) is actually one that you will be doing all year at your synagogue! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get going! Click here to learn about the mitzvah of T'fillah - or jump right into your monthly mitzvah mission by clicking below.

Your 13th Mitzvah

Your Mission

Complete 13 mitzvot before celebrating your Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

This month's mission
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