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Together we're going to learn all about תפילין. We're going to explore the "what", "when", "how" and "why" of תפילין. Our essential question is, "If we already have כפה to remind us of God's presence and ציצית to remind us of the 613 מצות and God's Oneness why do we need תפילין and how do תפילין help us make good choices?"

Start with the "What" learning path and make your way through each step. After completing all the steps in "What" you can go on to any of the other sections. As you learn you will have the opportunity to listen, watch, read, ask and comment. 



Identify the parts of the תפילין.

Learn what texts from the תנ׳ך are in תפילין.


Unpack a citation.

Read a selection from the Mishneh Torah in Hebrew with proficiency.

Identify key vocabulary words and translate a short piece of text.


We'll analyze what תפילין symbolize in a pop-culture context and compare that to what we've learned about the symbolism of תפילין. 


Choose one of the two options below.


Explain the proper order for putting the תפילין on and precisely how the boxes and straps are to be positioned.

Recite the appropriate ברכות for putting on תפילין with proficiency.


Analyze four תורה texts and think about why the תורה commands us to wear תפילין.

Examine the deeper meaning of תפילין.


Create your own "model" תפילין.

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