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JYourWay takes Judaism personally and we strive everyday to help individuals and families create their own Jewish legacies. JYourWay envisions micro-Jewish communities in which each person finds his or her Jewish joy and passion and is empowered to live Jewishly.


The American Jewish landscape is rich with institutions dedicated to providing Jewish community to all who affiliate. But Jewish institutions can't be all things to all people. With limited budgets and resources, Jewish organizations all too often play to the center which leaves far too many of us feeling left out of the Jewish experience. This translates to what Rabbi Kerry Olitzky, in his book Playlist Judaism, describes as "a decreasing cost benefit felt by its (a synagogue's) members.”

For both affiliated and unaffiliated families, JYourWay addresses this challenge by embracing the idea that one size doesn't fit all and that it is in micro-Jewish communities of families and friends where real Jewish engagement and empowerment can be found. 

In Hebrew we call these micro-Jewish communities, havurot. A havurah is a small group of like-minded Jews and friends who gather to celebrate Shabbat and Jewish holidays, learn, share Jewish experiences and mark lifecycle events.

JYourWay works with individuals and families to create micro-Jewish communities (havurot) of friends and families to pray, learn, celebrate and live Jewishly.

Meet Our Team

Rabbi David is the founder of OHEL, a new kind of Jewish Community and JYourWay. He is an accomplished spiritual leader, Jewish musician and award-winning Jewish educator. David thinks of himself as an under-constructionist Jew - always learning, growing and becoming. He currently lives with his wife, his daughters Dalia, Ayelet and Naomi and the memory of his daughter Liat (z'l).

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JYourWay is just getting started. Do you know a rabbi, cantor or Jewish educator who would be a great team member? Have them contact Rabbi David at

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