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JYourWay offers Deep Dive learning so children and adults can follow their Jewish passions and discover the depth and breadth of Jewish wisdom.

Our mission is to create an immersive, living and joyful learning environment in which each student is both supported and challenged to create their own learning legacy. 

We believe that learning should be joyful, authentic, experiential, collaborative, personalized and infused with Jewish wisdom and spirit. When you take a Deep Dive with JYourWay, the ikkar (the essence) of learning is not a set curriculum but the learner.

Deep Dives are structured around learning micro-communities (kehillot) that allow students to learn from one another, see where their learning is going, and serve as mentors and role models. Deep Dives can supplement and build upon what students are already learning in supplementary Hebrew schools or day school; or stand alone to deepen students' understanding and connection to Jewish texts and traditions.

You can take a Deep Dive into just about anything:

  • Want to work on your conversational Hebrew?

  • Want to know what the prayers in the prayerbook mean?

  • Want to learn about Israeli politics and the peace process?

  • Want to explore Jewish ethics or Jewish law?

  • Want to perfect your Torah reading skills?

  • Want to uncover the mysteries of Jewish mysticism?

  • Want to celebrate great Jews in sports?

  • Want to travel back in time to learn about Jewish history?

What is your passion? Let's take a Deep Dive with JYourWay!


Children or adults who want to dive deeper in their Jewish learning to explore something they are passionate about.


To take a deep dive you just gather 1-3 friends who share a passion about anything Jewish. We'll design a course of study around your passion and your Deep Dive kehillah (community) will meet once a week, either in-person or online, at a mutually convenient time, with your JYourWay team member. 


Deep Dive sessions are $72/session. If there are two students each would pay $36/session. If there are four students, each would pay $18/session. No family will be turned away for lack of funding.

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