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  • What is JYourWay?
    JYourWay takes Judaism personally and we strive everyday to help families and individuals create their own Jewish legacies. JYourWay team members help you craft experiences that will allow you to create lasting Jewish memories for yourself, your family and your friends.
  • What do I get when I share a JYourWay experience?
    You'll get a dedicated and knowledgable JYourWay team member to guide you through the creation of a memorable, meaningful and joyous Jewish experience. Your JYourWay team member will get to know you and your family and will help you design the perfect Jewish experience. We will then bring that experience to life for your family and friends. After we're done we'll keep in touch and help you create more experiences for yourself - or, join you again for another Jewish adventure!
  • I'm looking to "do Jewish" but I'm not sure where to start."
    That's exactly why JYourWay is here. Just contact us and we'll sit with you to discover the perfect Jewish experience for you, your family and friends. Whether you are the praying, learning or celebrating type - JYourWay will help you find your Jewish joy!
  • Is JYourWay affiliated?
    JYourWay is a program of OHEL, a new kind of Jewish community. You can learn more about OHEL at We are not affiliated with any movement or formal synagogue and welcome people from all backgrounds.
  • What if I'm not Jewish?
    (or) What if my girlfriend / boyfriend / partner / wife / husband / child / Aunt Susie isn’t Jewish? Let’s not get hung up on who is Jewish or not. All that really matters here is who wants to do Jew-ish or not. Put it this way: You could be a direct descendant of Moses, but if you aren’t interested in trying anything Jewish, the ride is pretty much over. By the same token, you can be Santa Claus himself, and if you decide to jump on the Jewish train, and are open to seeing where it takes you, then the ride has just begun.
  • Do I have to be religious to take part in JYourWay
    No. We don’t think the important question is, “Am I religious?" or "Do I believe in God?”— We think it’s more like, “Do I want to do Jewish stuff?” If the answer is yes, we’re in business.
  • What if I'm not sure I'm the praying type?
    Some people don’t like praying at all. If that’s you, that's okay. We have lots of non-prayer experiences you might enjoy. If you're just not sure about the whole prayer thing why not give it a try and keep this in mind: Remember that learning to pray will be like trying a new exercise: Not easy. Also like exercise, it takes a little while to see the benefits, but it’ll totally be worth it. We pray in Hebrew because we think the Hebrew leads us places English cannot. But we also want to help people who are new, so everything we say or sing in Hebrew is transliterated for you. Take heart: Lots of people who pray don’t only focus on the words but also the sounds of the words and tunes as a jumping off point to something holy. Finally, start with this: “A prayer is the articulation of something very particular at the core of one’s being, flung out into the universe. Perhaps it finds a mark, perhaps not. The essential thing is the articulation and the flinging.” –Merle Feld, A Spiritual Life
  • Can I become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah with JYourWay
    Yes! We would love to craft a uniquely personal and meaningful learning experience leading up to a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration with you. Contact Rabbi David at for more information.
  • Who pays for this?
    We’re so glad you asked. At JYourWay our goal is to bring joyful and meaningful Jewish experiences to families regardless of their financial situation. We do ask families to support our work with a donation. We call this Pay Your Way. ​
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